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Before: A high-quality smartphone phone has a lot of great qualities - but sometimes it doesn’t show up in the right places. AnyMirror fixes that - by pulling the smart features of your phone and using it's display to deliver an amazing view onto your computer.Features:* Mirror your phone in a window on your computer* Access all apps, media, and other content* Share audio and screen via direct connection* Add photos, emojis, and more* Set timeouts so it doesn't continuously broadcast* Navigate with your phone's navbar* Automatically ends broadcasts if it is inactive for too longWhat's new in version 2.0:- Make video calls and create video conferences with the new Duo app!- Send messages and files!. * @arg FSMC_IT_FLAG_PECERR: PEC error interrupt occurred. * @arg FSMC_IT_FLAG_TIMEOUT: Timeout occurred. * @arg FSMC_IT_FLAG_TC: Transfer Complete interrupt request. * @retval None */ void FSMC_ClearFlag(uint32_t Flag){ /* Check the parameters */ assert_param(IS_FSMC_CLEAR_FLAG(Flag)); /* Assign callback function */ FSMC_ITCallback(Flag, FSMC_IT_FLAG);}/** * @brief Checks whether the specified FSMC NAND flag is set or not. * @param NewState: new state of the specified FSMC_NAND flag. * This parameter can be: ENABLE 08929e5ed8

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